Air Purifier Promotion

Bend Heating is excited to announce our air purifier promotion. We have two different kinds of brands: REME HALO and AIR SCRUBBER which are both high performing products. You may ask why is this important? Let’s look at the benefits of buying these products.

Air Purifiers Remove:

  • bacteria, viruses, mold and VOC’s
  • smoke (remember the last fire season?)
  • pet odors
  • cooking odors

These brands are meant for any homeowner, but here are a few demographics of customers who recently had these products installed: 

  • Families with children
  • Retirees 
  • Individuals with allergies 
  • Individuals with breathing problems
  • Loved ones who care about their long-term health 

Air Purifier Pricing

  • $749 add on existing HVAC system (we are at your home on a repair)
  • $949 stand alone product (special trip to your home)

The REME HALO and AIR SCRUBBER is a great addition for nearly any household.

If you’re interested in more details you can contact Bend Heating at 541.382.1231 or fill out an online submission