Two Effects Carrier-Trump Deal Have On HVAC

Two Affects Career-Trump Deal Have On HVAC

Two Effects Carrier-Trump Deal Have On HVAC

If you haven’t heard the news, Carrier and President-elect Trump reached an agreement that would keep a plant open in Indianapolis and ultimately keep 800 jobs in the United States.

As expected, this has stirred up another debate if this is the right move or not. Simply stated, some agree with the soon to be president-elect while others disagree. However, we want to take a deeper look on how this will affect the HVAC industry moving forward.

Two Effects Of Carrier-Trump Deal:

1. RETAINED THEIR REPUTATION – With this deal in place, we believe Carrier received great publicity and even improved their reputation when it comes to their manufactured HVAC units. Not to discredit Mexico manufactured products, but as Americans, we have great faith and are proud of products that are made in the United States. If anything Carrier (owned by United Technologies) continued their reputation as being one of the most reliable HVAC manufacturers in the United States.

2. PRICE – We believe our industry price will remain similar to what it is currently. However, we are anticipating the agreed upon state incentives to stay intact. If these were to change, then most likely the price would be subject to anHVACc industry increase. Ultimately we believe that customers will benefit from this deal and will be satisfied with industry prices across the board.

Overall we believe Carrier has now sustained its reputation amongst several companies and customers while planning on keeping prices reasonable for Americans.

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