Ductless Heat Pump Promotion Recap

We wanted to provide an update on our ductless heat pump promotion for manufactured homes that launched in March 2019. Bend Heating was the exclusive heating and cooling contractor in Bend, OR to have been chosen by The Energy Trust of Oregon to professionally install ducted or ductless heat pumps for manufactured homes. And now that is was proven a success, the offer has been extended through December, 31 2019!

2 Year Heat Pump Study

In 2017, Bend Heating began a study with Energy Trust of Oregon that installed heat pumps or ductless heat pumps for 60 manufactured homes. Energy Trust of Oregon audited the differences in energy draw between newly installed heat pumps and electric furnaces. The difference was incredible. Homeowners saw a reduction in energy bills of over 50%. For this reason and many others, Bend Heating was selected as the only heating and cooling company in Central Oregon to be a part of this of this program.

installed carrier heat pump

“I love my new ductless heat pump. It’s working great and I couldn’t be happier.”

Dan Peterson

Successful Launch

In a short period of time, we successfully installed over 100+ ducted or ductless heat pumps. But more importantly, as of now and with the study of the first 60 installations in 2017, we are now over 200 installed systems for this program in Central Oregon. That means 200+ happy customers that took advantage of this valuable offer! 

ductless heat pump installation for homeowner

“Thrilled to death to have it… Something I’ve wanted for a long time.”

Lucy Wood

Ductless Heat Pump Promotion Details

The promotion is for any manufactured homeowner using Pacific Power that does not have an existing heat pump or has a non working heat pump system. Unfortunately, homes with functioning heat pumps do not qualify. Some benefits include:

  • Get a new $5,300 heat pump system for approximately $2,300
  • Utility bill decreases on average by 50% 
  • Increase in home value
  • Summer cooling
  • Live more comfortably 

Why Choose Bend Heating

For this ductless heat pump promotion, Bend Heating decided to use one of the most well known brands in Carrier. Carrier brings energy efficient, quiet, and consistent comfort in all of its HVAC products. Carrier also happens to be the world leader in heating and air conditioning solutions. We chose Carrier because it’s a name homeowners trust and we trust too. 

But keep in mind, not all heating and cooling companies can use Carrier products.

In 2009, Bend Heating became the first Certified Master Installer of ductless heat pumps. In short, this is the highest certification a heating and cooling company can receive. It’s a difficult certification to maintain because of the rigorous requirements such as the following:

  • Number of installations per year
  • 100% satisfaction we have to guarantee all of our customers
  • And more

In addition, government data shows that Bend Heating is the highest volume installer of ductless systems in Central Oregon. Why would you trust anyone else other than a Certified Master Installer such as Bend Heating?

You can learn more about ductless heat pumps here. You can also call us at 541.382.1231 to talk to an expert.