Landlords Of Single Family Residential Rentals & More

Bend Heating partnered with the Energy Trust of Oregon on a new ductless system program at the beginning of the New Year. As of June 2020, the program not only includes single family residential rentals, but now includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and townhome rentals. Energy Trust of Oregon is a big inspirer of energy efficient heating and cooling systems and chose Bend Heating to spear head this new program. 

Landlords receive a new ductless heat pump system improving home’s energy efficiency along with the following:

  1. 40% – 60% decrease in heating bills
  2. Air conditioning
  3. New air filtration system
  4. Increase in home value

Pricing Details

Landlords can anticipate an average cost of $2,000 – $2,500 for a newly installed ductless heat pump system after cash incentives. Normally a newly installed ductless heating system runs for an average of more than $4,500, but with the help of the Energy Trust of Oregon providing a cash incentive of $1,750 – $2,000, this deal is made possible!

landlord of rental property heating deal

Landlord Qualifications

To qualify, landlords must have electric heat, use Pacific Power and don’t currently have a heat pump or a non-functioning heat pump system. This program is based off the house and not the landlord. 

In addition, this ductless heating program now includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and townhome rentals.

Heat Pumps Based Off Square Footage

The ductless heat pump or forced air unit is based off the square footage of your homes main heating area. We factor in the capacity and BTU’s needed that’s sufficient for your home to heat efficiently and for your comfort. The following is a breakdown of square footage and BTU’s needed to determine the right heat pump size:

  • 200 square feet – 9,000 BTU
  • 400 square feet – 12,000 BTU
  • 600 square feet – 18,000 BTU
  • 800 square feet – 18,000 BTU

We use Carrier for the 600-800 square foot area and they have one unit that works great for both.  

Additional Information

Bend Heating has made this process as seamless as possible. We include at no additional cost the following: 

  • Electrician services
  • Permits
  • Labor
  • 1 year warranty on system
  • 10 year warranty on parts
  • We do all the paperwork

Essentially we only need you to say yes and we take care of the rest. If you’re a landlord of a single family rental call 541-382-1231, email or fill out a “quick quote” online to have our professional ductless heating estimator reach out!