Most Common Furnace Problems 

You probably don’t give your furnace much thought – until it matters most and fails. There are many reasons why a furnace stops working and sometimes it’s an easy fix. You just need to know what to look for and how to fix it. However, as a HVAC contractor we recommend hiring a HVAC professional who is skilled and trained. But if you feel like discovering why your furnace isn’t working properly, here are the five most common furnace problems to look for. 

Dirty Flame Sensor 

most common furnace problems

The most common furnace problem is a dirty flame sensor. You will know if your flame sensor is dirty when you turn on your furnace and the igniter lites a flame, but within a few seconds the flame goes out. Furnaces typically try 3-5 times to lite before it goes into a lockout. A lockout is when a furnace does nothing for about 3 hours before trying to lite again. 

Why does a flame sensor become dirty in a furnace? Naturally a flame sensor becomes dirty and build up occurs. Too much build up prevents it from sensing the flame. If it can’t sense the flame then it turns the gas valve off. 

Dirty Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter will prevent your furnace from keeping up. Most furnaces have a high limit switch which looks like a black cylinder box. The high limit switch turns the furnace off if your furnace is getting too hot within. One of the main reasons why it gets too hot within your furnace is because of a dirty air filter. Without proper air flow your furnace will overheat slowly. As a homeowner you can easily replace the furnace filter which would save you money. 

Bad Inducer Motor

Most inducer motors fail due to an aging furnace. However, inducer motors can also become clogged by debris. Diagnosing an inducer motor can be extremely challenging without any experience. An experienced HVAC technician can help replace your inducer motor. 

Bad Blower Motor

A blower motor takes the heated and cooled air from the furnace and circulates it throughout the home. The first sign of a bad blower motor is the smell of burnt plastic or electric throughout your home. Other signs include bad air flow, no air flow, strange noises within the first couple of minutes of turning on your furnace or increased energy bills. 

Bad Control Board

The control board is the brain of your furnace. Just like a human brain, there are a variety of problems that can occur if your control board is malfunctioning. A few examples of the control board not working correctly is when it isn’t sending power to the blower motor, not sending power to the igniter, or even turning on both the air conditioner and the furnace at the same time. 

Furnace Repair Bend Oregon

If your furnace issues fall outside of the most common furnace problems then we recommend contacting Bend Heating & Sheet Metal. We have been fixing furnaces for years and have the personnel to do so. 

Furnace Maintenance Program 

Bend Heating & Sheet Metal also offers a yearly maintenance program for furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. By signing up for the maintenance program you’ll alleviate a lot of issues with your HVAC system and save money in the long run. There are many benefits to becoming a member such as the following:

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