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Single Zone vs Multi Zone Difference | Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Mini split heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient heating systems in the world. Also known as ductless heat pumps, mini splits come in single zone and multi zone units. Single zone mini split systems are great when focusing on one common area such as a single room or garage. Multi zone mini split systems are more commonly used when focusing on your entire residence. But which ductless option is best for you? Lets find out.

Two Options

Ductless heat pumps are the most trending heating systems in the Northwest and for good reason. They are highly energy efficient, quiet, require no ductwork and cost much less than traditional heating systems. In addition to heating, ductless mini splits provide air conditioning for individual rooms or zones also known as single zone vs multi zone:

  • Single Zone – Most ideal for individual rooms such as garages, new additions to homes and work spaces. A few smaller houses with limited rooms can get by with a single zone unit. Along with heating, you’ll receive cooling with your single zone mini split heat pump.
  • Multi Zone – Works similarly compared to single zone mini splits, but have more flexibility and more indoor units. Most ideal for a larger homes with multiple rooms needing heating and air conditioning.
single zone multi zone
Example: 1 unit inside home is single zone vs 2+ units inside home is multi zone
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