Heat Pump Water Heater

advanced heat pump water heater


Energy-efficient and durable, heat pump water heaters give you reliable hot water and can save you up to $300 a year on electric water heating costs. Looking for instant gratification? Your local electric utility may offer a rebate up to $500 on your next water heater!

Why Upgrade?

  • Save Money:
    • Heat pump water heaters use 60% less energy than standard electric models – saving you about $3,500 over the life of the water heater
  • Rest Easy:
    • The standard 10-year warranty lets you rest easy while knowing you’ve got a steady supply of hot water for years to come
  • Stay Warm:
    • Heat pump water heaters can actually provide more hot water per hour than similarly sized standard electric water heaters

Don’t Wait For Your Old Water Heater To Fail

Switching to a heat pump water heater now won’t just save you money, it will also spare you from cold showers, flooding and emergency replacements. The average insurance claim for water damage due to a failed water heater is $4,000 — replacing your water heater now will help you avoid these messy situations altogether.

How It Works

A conventional electric water heater uses more energy than a refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer combined! A heat pump water heater works differently, moving heat rather than generating it, so you use as little as one-third of the energy — and save thousands of dollars on your electric bill.

$1500 Heat Pump Water Heater - Worth it?

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