We all love the set-it-and-forget-it model, but even your highly efficient Mitsubishi mini-split unit needs some TLC every now and then. Whether you’ve owned one of these units for a while or recently installed one, here are some basics for getting the maximum lifespan and energy capacity.

Clean The Air Filter Regularly To Prevent Blockages 

It’s easy to imagine how much dust and allergens collect in your unit’s air filter over time, putting pressure on your compressor from the restricted airflow. At least once every three months, you’ll want to clean out the air filter in your Mitsubishi mini-split. Luckily, cleaning it out is easy! 

First, use the remote control to turn the unit off. Next, lift the front panel of the indoor wall-mounted unit to expose the air filters. Most units have two, but some may only have one. There should be a tab you can lift that easily pops the filter out of place. The main filter should have a small strip that captures allergens which you can rinse out with water or dish soap and air dry. Be sure the air and allergen filters are completely dry before you place them back into the unit.

Check The Outdoor Unit To Ensure It’s Cleared Of Snow, Dirt, Or Debris And Has A Clear Air Intake

Seasonality is something that affects the energy efficiency of your Mitsubishi mini split. It works harder to provide consistent heating or cooling capacity during extreme weather. Still, one thing that poses an even greater challenge is blockages to the air intake. Do a quick inspection of the outdoor unit to establish a clear perimeter for airflow. For example, the air intake can often become blocked by snow drifts or ice dams in the winter or shrub overgrowth in the summer. Keeping a perimeter of at least three feet around the outdoor unit will allow it to function without disruption. 

Move Large Indoor Furniture Items That Could Block Airflow From Your Mitsubishi Mini-Split

Your furniture’s position does matter when it comes to airflow. First and foremost, try not to place tall or bulky furniture items like a bureau or cabinet directly in front of or beneath the wall-mounted unit. This can block the profusion of air throughout the room or slow it down, so the unit works harder to heat or cool the room. Keep a few feet of space around the indoor wall-mounted Mitsubishi mini-split for optimal airflow. It sounds simple, but it makes a difference in the air profusion around the room.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Doesn’t Vary By More Than A Few Degrees Day Or Night

We’ve all felt that temptation to turn the thermostat down to save ourselves a few extra bucks. But Energy.gov recommends you keep a consistent internal temperature in your home for the best energy performance results. Their recommendations for optimal energy are:

  • 68 degrees F in the winter 
  • 78 degrees F in the summer 

Don’t allow your thermostat to vary outside of the range of five degree temperature swings from day to night. Ideally, it should only vary between two or three degrees if you want to get the best energy performance. That way, you don’t waste extra time or money trying to reheat or cool off your home between those adjustments and keep a steady indoor temperature. 

Ductless systems are different from ducted because they are designed to run continuously. While it seems counterintuitive to what most of us think about energy savings, it’s actually a good thing. By continuous operation, the unit becomes more energy efficient as it learns your home’s indoor temperatures. So by limiting the variance of 5 degrees or less and running the unit continuously, you get the best of both worlds. 

Schedule Annual Service On Your Mitsubishi Mini-Split At Bend Heating 

Lastly, scheduling annual maintenance on your unit will keep things running in tip-top shape, so you stay comfortable every season. We recommend our Preferred HVAC Maintenance package for servicing your Mitsubishi mini-split. This includes 24/7 priority same-day service and front-of-the-line status on all required repairs. Plus, you get a 40 percent discount off regular maintenance prices and a pre-scheduled annual appointment, so you can set it and forget it! Bend Heating and Sheet Metal has all of your heating and cooling needs covered!