Stay comfortable indoors with Bend Heating



Stay comfortable indoors with Bend Heating

Stay cozy indoors with Bend Heating solutions

Keeping Central Oregon Warm Since 1953

Make your home a haven all winter long with reliable indoor heating. From gas or electric furnaces to modern ductless heating systems, our HVAC technicians and installers are trained to safely repair and install every type of heating unit. 

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Bend Heating Solutions

Gas/Electric Furnaces

Furnaces heat air using a high-efficiency blower motor to distribute forced central air through the duct system. This is a typical heating solution we see across Central Oregon homes. This system only provides heating, not cooling.


Pro: Heats home, improves indoor air quality and manages humidity levels in the home.

Con: Noisy if ductwork is improperly sized. 

Energy-saving tip: Get regular maintenance and replace air filters frequently. 

Compatible systems: Air conditioners, heat pumps, indoor air quality products, and smart thermostats.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps deliver both heating and cooling using electricity through existing ductwork. Specifically, this energy-efficient solution is great for homeowners in Central Oregon for its reliable operation in variable temperatures. 


Pro: Variable speed capabilities, efficient SEER ratings, durable and energy-efficient. 

Con: Noise level can be an issue.

Energy-saving tip: Schedule yearly maintenance and set your thermostat range to vary no greater than 4 degrees (e.g. 66 to 70 degrees Farenheit).  

Compatible systems: Electric air handlers and gas furnaces.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless systems offer comfort and zoning capability with both heating and cooling in one system. These require no ductwork and are designed for high energy efficiency. 


Pro: Smart inverter technology, compatible with or without ducting, energy efficient, reliable, and user friendly. 

Con: Lack of air filtration.

Energy-saving tip: Clean air filters for max output and service units annually. 

Compatible systems: Works with all cassettes and ducted systems.

Heating Services


If you are frustrated with a faulty furnace that over-cycles or isn’t moving air correctly, get a new unit with a licensed Bend Heating HVAC installer. Above all, feel good about your options for purchasing a new HVAC unit. Our estimators and installers will guide you through pricing, sizing, and warranty decisions to heat your home efficiently and safely. 


Regular maintenance is one of the easiest ways to preserve the efficiency and lifespan of your existing heating system. Regular inspections for refrigerant leaks, carbon monoxide levels, and electrical connections will keep your HVAC equipment working safely and effectively. So learn about our Standard and Preferred options for yearly scheduled maintenance.


Over the life of your HVAC unit, a lot can happen. So whether your furnace or heat pump is blowing cold air, seems extra noisy, or is blocked by dust, our NATE-certified and trained technicians get to the bottom of complex diagnostic problems and provide a clear solution. Whether it’s a quick fix or an extensive repair, get your heating issues resolved soon.

Radiant Heating System From Bend Heating

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating delivers comfort and quiet like no other heat source. Sub-floor water pipes produce a consistent, stable heat that resonates up from the floors, warming your entire space. Radiant floor heating is low maintenance, 10 to 15% more efficient than a forced air system, and built to last a long time. 

Radiant Heating Systems From Bend Heating
Radiant Heating System From Bend Heating

Trust A Certified Flare Fireplaces Dealer

Elevate your gas fireplace into modern luxury with Flare Fireplaces. Bend Heating installs indoor and outdoor Flare Fireplaces. We are fully certified and trained on the installation of these stunning home centerpieces. 

Radiant Heating Systems From Bend Heating

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This company was a pleasure to deal with. They are very professional and I am very happy that I used their services. They went above and beyond to help me. I would recommend them to anyone of my friends and family. If your looking for a company that you can trust, I can tell you that I was very happy using this company and I would use them again if I ever needed them again.

— Robert Harris | 5 star review on Google

I worked with Randall. He told me it was extremely hard to find air/heater units at this time and also hard to find the help to get them installed. He worked very hard, non stop to find a unit for our home without heat. Finally found one in Billings, Montana with the help of the Carrier Crew as well. Installed today and our renters couldn’t be happier. Us too!
Knowledgeable, patient, hard working and pleasant. Thank you very much Bend Heating and Randall.”

—Shannon Evert | 5 star review on Google

As the saying goes if I could give these guys 10 stars I would! Wayne was awesome. He was a very hands-on involved sales person. Gave me an incredible estimate which was 50% cheaper than one of my bids. Dana the installer was phenomenal. Came in and installed two ductless Systems in one day. Works great. Would use them again!

— Joe Cramer | 5 star review on Google

I can not say enough how much I appreciate all the help I received from the entire team at Bend Heating! Lori and Jodi in the office and Mike as our tech, were the most professional caring team I have worked with. They helped with everything they could to ensure our heat is working properly with cost in mind for us.. I would recommend them over and over for anyone needing heating or cooling services!! Thanks again guys, you truly are the BEST!

— Julie Hughes | 5 star review on Google