Ductless Air Conditioning

Get better cooling capacity from ductless AC


Ductless Air Conditioning

Cool your home efficiently with ductless AC


What Is Ductless AC?

Ductless AC units (also known as mini-splits) are trending HVAC systems in the Pacific Northwest for good reason! They are highly energy efficient, quiet, require no ductwork and cost less in the long term than traditional heating systems.

Ductless air conditioner systems have two sizing options:

Single Zone

Ideal for individual rooms like garages, additional dwelling units, home offices, or a tiny home. 


Whole home systems, multi-level homes, homes recently remodeled or expanded.


Benefits Of Ductless AC

Ductless is our favorite type of ventless AC unit. They can heat and cool! They are the most flexible heating and cooling option on the market for their efficiency and easy installation. A single condenser and indoor wall unit will create heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Heat and Cool

Easy install

Energy Efficient

Helpful Hint

 The size and fit of each ductless AC unit is best determined by an expert HVAC estimator who can make installation recommendations for your home. Air conditioning units differ in use, whether they are for home gyms, garages, entire homes, or rentals. We will provide pricing and sizing information so you can make the best call.

Ductless Cassettes

Ductless AC unit for cooling

Infinity High Wall Unit

Carrier’s Infinity High Wall Unit are a versatile choice for any indoor space. The units are equipped with advanced WiFi technology for precise thermostat controls, run quietly, and can reach ratings of up to 30 SEER: an incredible energy efficiency return.

Ceiling Cassette

Carrier’s Ceiling Cassette makes use of overhead space as a discreet solution to HVAC that focuses on your interior aesthetic. No need for a visible wall unit. This innovative option in Carrier’s Performance line includes three fan speeds and a temperature-sensing remote.

Concealed Ducted Cassette

Carrier’s Concealed Ducted Cassette is the ultimate luxury solution for its comfort and energy efficiency. This product’s exceptional engineering means it can be installed beneath floors, in attic space, or even in closets. Equipped with smart remotes, concealed cassettes deliver amazing performance without distraction. 

How Much Does A Ductless AC Cost?

Ductless mini splits are a great investment for your home’s energy efficiency. 

Higher efficiency units will cost more than lower efficiency units. However, a ductless AC unit will pay for itself because of the annual savings in operating costs.

Bend Heating & Sheet Metal has been around since the early adoption of mini-split systems. We know the right location, brand, layout and fit of all ductless units. Our seasoned estimators and installers will provide clear pricing and models for your space.

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