Our Team

HVAC professionals with expertise that spans decades


Our team

 HVAC professionals with

expertise that spans decades

Scott Zettle

Owner/ President

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Scott Zettle is the owner and president of Bend Heating and Sheet Metal. What started as a shop cleaning job for him over 30 years ago grew into an ownership opportunity in 1988. Scott is a seasoned HVAC expert with two decades in the field. Scott oversees company operations and is always building a better work environment for his over 75 team members. Scott loves providing a laidback and yet professional atmosphere for his coworkers. He enjoys keeping the business profitable while attracting new talent to join his growing team of heating and cooling experts. 

John Doherty

Service Manager

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John has 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry and five years at Bend Heating and Sheet Metal. John started his career as an apprentice installer and accepted various roles from supervisor to manager—eventually running an HVAC company he owned for 20 years before becoming our service manager. John's specialty is in directing the hub of our busy service department. He is improvement-oriented in all things, from learning new equipment and systems to training our valuable new service technicians. John often helps in the field with service calls and repairs and is an excellent resource for customer questions and concerns. 

Jamie Santos

Warehouse Director

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Jamie's 29-year tenure with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal is a testament to the longevity of our company. As warehouse director, Jamie is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about organizing and equipping our fleet of vehicles, keeping inventory organized, and ensuring all aspects of the shop run smoothly. Jamie is central to the business's daily operations and ensures our technicians have all the necessary parts to provide fantastic customer service.

Wade Kinkade

Residential Estimator (New Construction/Retrofit)

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Wade is a valued member of our team with a tenure of 29 years and counting with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal. Wade loves assisting with designing and bidding residential new construction projects and winning new bids in the retrofitting market with his extensive connections in Central Oregon. Wade has a mix of field experience, project management experience, and 17 years as a residential estimator. Wade is a certified journeyman and is Lifebreath Indoor Air Systems and Carrier Certified. When Wade is not at work, he is known as Bend LaPine School District's "Voice of the Wolfpack." 

Shawn Zettle

Estimator/ Event and Marketing Coordinator

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Shawn's work is a hybrid of estimating jobs for the company and developing our media strategy and sponsorships. Shawn is an invested team member with engineering experience, now approaching a decade of experience in residential heating and cooling. She is excellent at helping people find an HVAC solution that makes them feel comfortable in their homes. Shawn helps organize company events each year for the team and is a personable and conscientious addition to Bend Heating and Sheet Metal. 

Wayne Murray

Estimator / Commercial Project Manager

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Wayne has been with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal for 32 years. Wayne works to provide a quality and efficient HVAC system for our customers at the correct cost. His expertise in designing and building HVAC systems, sizing equipment, and providing ductwork layout comes with over 45 years of experience in the trade. Wayne's work with customers and contractors includes residential, commercial HVAC, installation, and design expertise. He previously owned a sheet metal fabrication shop focused on ductwork, flashing, and custom parts.

Mike Slonaker

Estimator (Commercial / New Construction)

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Mike's sales experience spans over 20 years with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal and 45 years in the industry. Mike loves being on the cutting edge of technology and finding the perfect application for our HVAC products. Mike is innovative and attentive and has a wealth of experience in Geothermal Technician training, AA refrigeration, and designing residential and commercial heat pump systems with Mistubishi's Electric Diamond System Builder. Mike was the Secretary of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (IEST). His expertise in heating and cooling contributed to field research in the environmental sciences.

Jason Kinsey

Project Manager (Commercial)

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Jason's love of the heating and cooling trade started from a young age when he entered his first crawl space with his dad at the age of eight. With 15 years at Bend Heating, Jason oversees scheduling new commercial and residential projects, ordering products and materials, and ensuring quality service for each customer. His passion for the HVAC industry stems from experience running metal fabrication shops and managing technicians at three different companies. Jason is a skilled team member with HVAC apprenticeship teaching experience at Central Oregon Community College (COCC) and Crestcom leadership training. 

Scott Bilyeu

Project Manager (Residential/ Retrofit)

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Scott has been a valued member of our Bend Heating and Sheet Metal for the past 23 years. Previously as a field installer, Scott has grown with the company and assumed responsibility for residential retrofitting projects. He plans, coordinates installation, and oversees quality control and documentation for every project. Scott is a calm presence and willing team member to jump on any challenge and deliver a solution. He is excellent at training new HVAC apprentices and working with contractors and homeowners to achieve goals. 

Mike Garfield

Project Manager

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Mike is a valuable long-term team member with 20 years on the job. As a project manager, Mike works on residential and commercial HVAC installation projects, scheduling crews and preparing job sites for our skilled technicians. Mike is an experienced journeyman and sheet metal installer who enjoys solving problems for customers. Mike's positive attitude fits right into the family atmosphere of Bend Heating and Sheet Metal's core staff. 

Calvin Bilyeu

Project Manager (New Construction)

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Calvin's 45-year history with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal began in 1977. Calvin directly oversees HVAC installation jobs in new construction residential homes. He manages job scheduling, site visits, and quality control. Over a decade of teaching HVAC technicians in Central Oregon Community College (COCC) apprenticeships informs Calvin's rich resume in heating, cooling, and construction. Calvin is an excellent teacher to new technicians here at Bend Heating.

Troy Peckham

Metal Shop Manager

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Troy is a loyal and hardworking manager overseeing custom jobs that move through our sheet metal shop. Troy keeps the ductwork moving through the shop according to production timelines, assessing quality control and managing the team. Troy loves the camaraderie he has with other coworkers in his 15 years onboard with Bend Heating and Sheet Metal. He is a gifted metalworker, certified journeyman, and persistent problem solver. 


“I have used your company over many years and I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else. You have a great staff (office and in the field). I will continue to refer others to your service.”

—J. Clark – Bend, OR