Radiant Heating Systems

Warm your home from the ground up with radiant heat flooring


Radiant Heating Systems

Warm your home from the ground up with radiant heating floors

Unbelievable Comfort In Sub-Floor Heating

Benefits Of Radiant Heating Systems

Bask in the comfort of Bend radiant heating systems

Dust-free And Ductless

Radiant heat is a clean source of energy that warms your home from the ground up. If you have sensitivities to dust or allergens, consider a radiant heating system.   

Cozy And Efficient

There’s nothing cozier than floors that are warm to the touch, especially in winter. Instead of huddling in front of your fireplace all winter long, imagine a resonant warmth that travels the expanse of your wood or ceramic floor. Get heat coverage across your entire square footage without installing forced air systems.  

Ultra-Quiet, Impressively Efficient Floor Heating

Radiant heating systems are felt but not heard. This is the unique advantage of sub-floor heating. Our customers cannot hear that the heat is even running. Control radiant heating by a thermostat to tailor your exact comfort needs, room by room.   


Heating From The Ground Up

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Radiant Heating Systems


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The Radiant Heat Division of Bend Heating installed a tankless water heater in our home – it replaces the traditional, tank style water heater. Now we have unlimited hot water (no more cold showers!) and lots of extra space in the garage. We love this thing! The crew was prompt, pleasant and did a great job with the installation. We highly recommend Bend Heating & Bend Radiant Heating and tankless water heaters!

David Friedman | 5 star review on Google


“I want to do a shout out to Bend Heating. The electric floor heating system in our master bath quit working. We now have warm floors again in our bath.  I can’t be more pleased. Bend Heating gets my thumb’s up and will definitely be my go-to contractor for all future heating needs. By the way, the neighbor who referred me to them feels the same way from her experience. Thank you Bend Heating – you’re the best.”

Byron Gabrielsen | 5 star review on Google