Thanks to their energy efficiency and exceptional performance, ductless heat pumps are a popular heating and cooling system in the Pacific Northwest. No matter what make or model you own, Bend Heating and Sheet Metal can help keep it running smoothly. Adhere to these tips to keep your heat pump in top shape, or give us a call if you need more help with your ductless heat pump maintenance.

Keep The Area Around Your Heat Pump’s External Unit Clear

Proper space

An integral part of your ductless heat pump maintenance is keeping space around the external unit clear. We recommend maintaining at least a foot of border space from all sides of your heat pump. Not only does this allow for proper airflow, but it also leaves space for routine servicing. 

Regular checks

Finally, be sure to regularly remove any debris or build-up that might impact your ductless heat pump. This includes snow or ice in the winter or shrubs and leaves in the summer. If the unit does become impacted by snow or ice, check if your outdoor ductless system has a drain pan heater. This will automatically defrost your unit!  If not, you can melt the build-up on the external unit using warm (but not hot!) water.

Check and Clean Your Air Filters Monthly, If Possible 

Here in Bend, seasonal wildfires in the summer can dramatically impact your HVAC filters. With life in the high desert, dust can also accumulate fast in households. Checking and cleaning your air filters monthly or even seasonally can impact the output of your ductless heat pump. Cleaning your filters based on occupants or pets in the home is also essential. The less the airflow in your unit is blocked, the less energy your unit will use to run. To clean your ductless air filters, remove them from your indoor unit. Wash the filter under water and carefully scrub out any dust. We recommend getting the filters replaced after five years for the longevity of your unit. 

Set Your Thermostat Range to Five Degrees Or Less

There are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get the highest inefficiency from your ductless heat pump. Setting your thermostat to vary by five degrees or less (in either direction) ensures your unit can keep up with your home’s energy demands. Not only does this save on costs, but it also puts less stress on your unit over time by keeping your thermostat dialed in. 

Get Your Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Done Annually 

There’s just no other way around it: regular maintenance appointments help to extend the life of your ductless heat pump. Many of our regular customers schedule this service annually with our preferred maintenance program, so you can set it and forget it!

Ductless heat pumps require regular air filter cleanings, error code tests, and condenser checkups to ensure everything runs in tip-top shape. If you’re part of Bend Heating and Sheet Metal’s maintenance program, we’ll also check refrigerant for leaks and wear, check all amperage draws for any electrical issues and that’s just the start! Protect your ductless heat pump investment and keep your system running in top shape. 

Bend Heating and Sheet Metal Is Here For Your Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Needs

At Bend Heating, our service technicians and installers have seen almost every make and model of ductless heat pump on the market. We are trained and qualified to service and replace all units, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Carrier, and more. Call us to schedule your next service, whether you need a tune-up for your ductless heat pump or want to make your annual maintenance appointment