Sometimes, your heater breaks in the dead middle of winter. And here in Central Oregon, your home’s heating system makes it a safe, cozy haven from winter weather. But what if your heater goes out? If you’ve ever awakened to frost on the insides of the windows or cranked up the thermostat to no avail, then you can understand the inconvenience and anxiety of a broken heater. But don’t worry, HVAC repair Redmond professionals are available through Bend Heating and Sheet Metal! Our HVAC residential requests go to the front of the line. So no matter what season it is, you can expect timely and experienced repairs.

Potential Issues With Your Heating System That Need HVAC Repair

First things first: how to keep warm while you wait for HVAC repair services. 

If You Have A Gas Furnace: 

Gas furnaces are overwhelmingly the type of heating solution we see in Central Oregon. If your furnace breaks down, there could be a number of causes. Potential issues include fuel supply, ignitor issues, a faulty thermostat, a dirty filter, or a blower motor. For parts replacement, sometimes you may wait a few days if we need to order it. In that case, if you don’t have heat, turn on your fireplace (electric or wood burning) or run space heaters until your service appointment.

If You Have A Mini-Split (Ductless Heat Pump): 

Mini-splits can act up in sustained colder temperatures, often prompting error codes for a variety of issues. But don’t worry, a trained service technician can help diagnose the problem. Drain pan heaters are one protective measure you can take in colder temperatures to keep condenser coils from freezing and breaking. Some mini-split brands don’t include a drain pan heater, so it’s best to call an HVAC expert to diagnose the real issue with your mini-split. While you wait for your service appointment, space heaters again are the best possible option to keep you warm and cozy

If You Have a Heat Pump:

Most traditional ducted heat pumps have issues when refrigerant levels are too low, the air handler or air ducts are blocked by something, or the coils are in need of a good cleaning. It may also be an issue with your thermostat (which is best diagnosed by a qualified HVAC professional). One great aspect of heat pumps is how some include built-in heat strips. These kick on temporarily when either the temperature outside is too cold for the condenser to keep up or the condenser fails. This feature is designed to keep you warm while you wait for HVAC repairs. In any of these situations, it’s best to call for help as soon as possible and get the heat flowing back into your home again!

Fast and Responsive HVAC Repair Redmond Professionals

It’s forecasted to be a long, cold winter, and keeping you warm is a big deal to us! As Bend’s most reputable heating company, we’re prepared to help you face any problem. Our qualified HVAC technicians repair and service all types of ducted and ductless systems. Our trained professionals know how to read error codes and conduct tests on brands like Carrier, Daikin, Mitsubishi, and more. So don’t hesitate to call us with your HVAC repair request. Expect fast and responsive service without waiting weeks to get on the books. 

Bend Heating And Sheet Metal: A Name & Reputation You Recognize

As Bend’s most reputable heating company, we’re more than just old-timers in the area. With nearly 80 years in the business, we know our HVAC systems and their parts, from the newest ductless heating system to the most ancient furnace (We’ve replaced some really old ones over the years!) Regardless of your system, trust that our NATE-Certified service technicians and HVAC installers are up to the job! Schedule a service with us or call today at 541-382-1231 to get out of the cold.