Three Benefits Of Having An Energy Efficient System

Three Benefits Of Having An Energy Efficient System

Does it ever seem like your energy bill is gradually increasing every month? Well, you’re not alone. Most homeowner’s energy bills are increasing and it’s not always easy to determine the main reason. However, what if we told you that there is an easy solution. Energy Efficient Systems!!

Every year there are new breakthrough technologies in the HVAC industry. So we wanted to list out three main benefits of having an energy efficient system as a homeowner.

Three Benefits

Lower Utility Bills: Newer high energy efficient equipment makes for an interesting concept regarding utility bills and the cost to update your older equipment. With updated systems, homeowners can save a great amount of money on monthly and yearly utility bills. The high-efficiency systems literally pay for themselves because of the lower cost to operate. Not only will homeowners have a higher energy efficient system, but it will practically be free over a given period of time with greater comfort in the home. There are also brand new warranties that back up the incredible reliability these new systems offer today. Rate increases have already been taking place for years now and the more the rates increase, the more the utility savings and the faster the payback for the new system!

Better Quality: As mentioned earlier, innovated technologies in the HVAC industry have increased the standard of living when consumers are willing to invest in these energy efficient systems. Homeowners get quieter equipment (some models of outdated equipment are extremely loud) with much more even distribution of newly conditioned air. These effects combined with incredibly lower utility bills affect our industry in such a positive way that we can now take credit for adding all of these benefits and more to the lives of families everywhere!

Increases Home Value: First and foremost, homebuyers, realtors and bank appraisers are well aware of the value that a high-efficiency system brings to your home assessment. Not only will you be able to live more comfortably and decrease your utility bills, but you will increase your home value! That is a quite remarkable additional benefit a lot of us would not be aware of.

Choosing An Energy Efficient System

What type of home do you want to buy or live in? A home that has an energy system that is quiet, comfortable, clean and better for your overall health? Or a home with an outdated system that doesn’t add any extra value for your living situation and is doing nothing but creating very expensive ‘hot air’? Well, you already know what your neighbors have been choosing to invest in with all of us at Bend Heating & Sheet Metal.

Simple Decision

Realizing that you can now invest in a new energy efficient system is flat out… a no brainer! Just be aware that if you don’t consciously invest in an energy efficient system, over time, you will buy one anyway – and the energy waste and high utility costs will pay for itself. It’s a simple math equation; we either take advantage of saving energy and money today with a new high efficient system, or we buy one month by month and year-by-year with the wasted ‘hot air’ and no matter what we choose, we will pay for a new system. The real question might just be – how many times do you want to pay for it? Why not take control and decide to do it only once, instead of over and over and over again? Then, when we add in the other benefits that a new system brings into our homes and lives, it really is a ‘no-brainer’, isn’t it?

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