Furnace Repair

Optimize your furnace with an upgrade


Furnace Repair

Optimize your furnace with an upgrade

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Get The Most From Your Furnace

Half of your energy bill each month goes toward heating and cooling. Reducing your fuel usage is possible with a high-efficiency electric or gas furnace. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing furnace or seeking a furnace repair, use these tips!

Replace System

For units over 15 years old, consider replacing them with a new furnace or system

Home Size

Get your home sized for energy use per square foot with a professional HVAC estimate

Proper Ventilation

Ensure proper flue ventilation for furnace exhaust, safety, and system longevity


Get regularly scheduled maintenance on your furnace annually to extend its life and performance

 Furnace Repair

A furnace or heat pump with an air filter can clean indoor air, eliminate bacteria, mold, and wildfire smoke. Bend Heating and Sheet Metal has inspected, installed, and repaired thousands of gas and electric furnaces in the Central Oregon area. Get a fair estimate for repairs on your existing furnace or upgrade with us!

Sizing Is Crucial For Your Furnace Installation

If you want to retrofit your home with a newer, more efficient electric furnace, get it sized by a professional HVAC estimator. A bigger furnace isn’t always better in terms of output or efficiency. Sizing issues with a furnace can cause short cycling (energy inefficiency), air quality issues, and other problems. Let an expert do your furnace repair and consult an HVAC estimator before you purchase a new furnace.


Bend Heating recently replaced the furnace in our second home. Randall and Scott were extremely responsive and found a solution to work around a very tight schedule and the needs of our tenants. This allowed us to take advantage of an Energy Trust cash incentive. The installation was done smoothly including additional repair work that Scott and his team discovered while on site. Thank you all! We will certainly not look any further for our future HVAC needs. Bend Heating will be our contractor of choice.”

Robert Arch | 5 star review on Google

Can’t say enough about the integrity and quality service I received! The service manager was straight up with me and the technician who came out to work on my furnace was extremely sharp. I also need to say that this company is not over charging for their work which is often the case in this industry unfortunately. I will turn to them in the future and am recommending them regularly now to my friends and business associates! Thank you Bend Heating & Sheet Metal!”

David Phillips | 5 star review on Google

Two technicians came out to troubleshoot my propane furnace and came up against a new faulty part out of the box for a replacement. The manager went a miles out of his way to just give me a pile of firewood to get through the weekend. Pretty amazing service. Both guys did great, stayed late, and deserve a 10 star rating for outstanding customer service.

S W | 5 star review on Google