How To Plan Your Summers HVAC Service

Planning your HVAC service this summer will be different than any other summer. As a matter of fact with COVID-19 uncertainty, everything this summer will change for the better good of keeping our communities healthy and safe. 

If you’re a homeowner needing your heating and cooling system serviced, repaired or replaced, Bend Heating & Sheet Metal can help. Over the past month, we’ve made internal changes such as limiting employee contact, wearing protective gear, working remotely for those who can, sanitizing our office and shop, and offering curb side pickup for sheet metal projects. 

By making the necessary changes early, we assure that we are here to help, providing full service and availability with healthy employees.  

HVAC Service

We know that HVAC problems will occur even during illnesses and health concerns. Even during a pandemic, you don’t want to ignore your homes heating and cooling systems needs. 

In addition to company guidelines, our service technicians are required to do the following when servicing a homeowners property:   

  1. No physical contact
  2. Keep a 6 foot distance
  3. Disinfectant work spaces before and after
  4. Wear face masks and gloves
  5. Enter the home if only necessary 
Summer HVAC Service

You will be amazed on how heating and cooling companies can limit contact with customers while servicing a home’s HVAC system. If you still have concerns, give us a call and we can figure out a plan for you. 

We are now accepting in home service requests. You can easily book an appointment with no down payment necessary. 

New HVAC System

We launched tele-estimates for anyone looking for a new HVAC system. Tele-estimates are meant for new homes under construction, current homes needing to replace its existing system or adding on to an existing HVAC system such as air conditioning

There are several benefits of tele-estimates: 

  1. One phone call
  2. No in person contact
  3. Planning ahead 

How does installation work? We can install a new system depending on where your existing system rests and your home’s layout. For instance, if your furnace is in your garage, attic or crawl space, we can install a new system without any contact. 

Sheet Metal & Parts

Our sheet metal department has created a curb side pickup for custom sheet metal fabrication and parts orders. All projects get disinfected when ready for pick up. We will contact you when your order is completed and explain in more detail how to pick up your order. 

Why Plan Your HVAC Service Now?

Every summer HVAC companies in Central Oregon get booked out 4-8 weeks in advance. That is when life was normal. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, we recommend planning ahead and getting on the schedule. That way you can prepare for our visit and know that your home’s HVAC system will be running efficiently throughout summer. 

Keep in mind that our service department will discuss the problem over the phone and explain how we can fix the problem. Since every home is different, we will determine together if entering your home is necessary. Regardless of your problem, we will be maintaining our COVID-19 protocol in order to keep your home’s residents healthy, safe and comfortable over summer.

How To Contact Us?

You can contact us by the following options:

  1. Fill out an online form 
  2. Email
  3. Call us at 541.382.1231