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Radiant Floor Heating – The Most Comfortable Way To Heat Your Home?

Warm….cozy…and extremely comfortable. Most people who have radiant floor heating feel that the most important advantages are comfort and quiet operation. Radiant floor heating systems allow evenly distributed heating throughout the entire floor, not just in localized areas as with wood stoves, hot air systems, and other types of radiators. With Radiant floor heat the room heats from the bottom up, warming the feet and body first. Radiant floor heating also eliminates the draft and dust problems associated with forced-air heating systems.

Radiant floor heating has been used for centuries

The Romans channeled hot air under the floors of their villas. The Koreans channeled hot flue gases under their floors before venting them up the chimney. In the 1930s, architect Frank Lloyd Wright piped hot water through the floors of many of his buildings. Some home builders’ surveys have shown that, if given a choice, most new home owners prefer radiant floor heat over other types of systems.

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Bob Vila says that radiant floor heat “…is arguably the ideal home heating system”.

Radiant Floor Heating – Bend Heating

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