Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Bend Oregon

If Your Feet Are Cold, You’re Cold.

When ice-cold floors have you tip-toeing through the house, you probably wish for a better heating system. You’ll want to consider a hydronic radiant floor heating – a quieter and often “greener” heating option.

Depending on the area of the country in which you live, the condition of your home – including insulation levels – and other factors, you may be able to heat your entire house with radiant floor heating. Some homeowners prefer to supplement their main heat source with heated flooring. Regardless of your choice, radiant floor heating offers a number of benefits.

Radiant Floor Heat Systems are no doubt more expensive to install than a forced air furnace system – So you have to ask yourself, how much do I value comfort and efficiency?

Does making a slightly higher upfront investment in your new home make sense for you?

Is this a home you are planning to live in for a long period of time, because as we age, comfort becomes more and more important to our overall well being.

Consider again the advantages of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat and how they match your lifestyle:

  • Comfort – just the thought of walking around in stockings on those cold Central Oregon mornings can make you feel good
  • Efficiency – seeing those heat bills come in the mail every month will be a little less painful with a high efficient heat system
  • Clean – no air moving around to carry that dust and pollen from room to room, settling on all those picture frames, counter tops and furniture
  • Quiet – no fans running, no air blowing – just warm water circulating through the floors under your feet, silently
  • Space savings – new boiler models that heat the water for the floors and domestic hot water in the same appliance are wall hung and take up just a fraction of the space needed by bulky furnaces and tank water heaters

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