Why Choose Radiant Floor Heat In Central Oregon

It’s A Comfort Like None Other!

Radiant heat is different because instead of warming the air, it warms the body.  You will experience a comfort like none other.

There are many benefits to radiant floor heating. Here are just a few of the reasons that people love their radiant floor heating system.

Enjoy The Superb Energy Efficiency and Low Running Cost
Heating costs are reduced substantially because underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than other heating systems.  Hydronic Radiant Heat Systems are 10% – 15% more efficient than a forced air system using the same fuel source.

Commonly known to be the most comfortable way to heat your home, our customers are always commenting on how totally comfortable their homes feel  The heat source is spread through your home so it is more evenly distributed and provides a greater comfort.

Low Maintenance
When you choose radiant floor heating you reduce the need for maintenance. A traditional heating system requires you to change air filters regularly, whereas with a Hydronic system we typically do a yearly maintenance check up before heating season and you are good to go.

Breath Cleaner Air
With radiant heat there is no need to force the air through dirty duct work. There are no furnace fans running and blowing dust and particles around your home.  If you have sensitivities or allergies, radiant heat is a cleaner way to heat your home.

Enjoy Peace And Quiet
A forced air system makes noise. The furnace fires up, the air forces its way through vents, there are all types of noise associated with a forced air system.  A radiant heat system is super quiet. Our customers typically do not know when the heat ——- is even running

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