As we head into the winter months, maintenance is key to preventing your HVAC unit from breaking down during a Bend, Oregon winter. A snowstorm is certainly no time to be calling in for heating repairs! Is your system ready to take on the chill? Prepare your HVAC unit for the weather change and keep your home cozy and comfortable with these tips. 

Check Your Furnace Before Bend Oregon Winter Hits

A furnace running at full capacity provides reliable and safe heating all winter. But furnaces need maintenance to stay in top shape. Removing any items stored around or leaning on the furnace is a safety precaution and a way to keep the air uptake to the furnace clear. Additionally, removing dirt and debris around the furnace will prevent it from getting pulled into the air intake and your ducted system. Finally, it’s not a bad idea to check access doors and exterior panels to the furnace, as some models will shut off when a panel is loose. 

Program Your Thermostat Or Upgrade to a Smart System

Taking advantage of the cool nights may have saved you some money by giving your heat pump or mini-split a break during the summer, but once it’s time for the heat to kick on, we highly recommend it stays on all winter. So programming the thermostat is essential to keep your house comfortable at home or away. 

For gas furnaces or heat pumps, we recommend a differential of no more than four degrees at night or while you are away for optimum energy efficiency. But, of course, a ductless unit is already highly energy efficient, so this is of less concern. 

Upgrading to a smart thermostat allows you to control your heating or cooling through your smartphone. This Wi-Fi-enabled technology automatically adjusts temperatures for optimal performance, saving you time and money. It’s not a bad idea to install one as the winter months set in. 

Turn On Your Humidifier To Dampen Dry Air During Our Bend Oregon Winter

We experience unusually dry air due to our desert climate here in Bend, leading to cracked skin and discomfort. A humidifier helps to deliver moisture back into the air through your HVAC System. If you have a humidifier built into your HVAC system, change the water panel at least twice per season. Also, it’s essential to clean any mineral buildup or scaling along the water reservoir of your humidifier to ensure it’s ready to go.  

Check On Your Outdoor Unit During Colder Temps

While most outdoor HVAC equipment is hardy and built to withstand extremes in Bend’s winter temperatures, when a few feet of snow falls in the Cascades, it’s good to watch out for these things.

First, keep a space barrier around your external heat pump unit of at least 2 feet or more. The air circulation around the heat pump is crucial for your unit’s uptake. If it is blocked by snow or fallen debris like leaves or branches, this may cause problems with your heat pump. 

Similarly, if you have gutters around the exterior of your home, clean these in the fall before winter snows arrive. Snow melt dripping down on your unit causes moisture damage and may eventually freeze. 

Schedule Winter Maintenance For Your HVAC Unit with Bend Heating 

Don’t get caught on a freezing day with malfunctioning HVAC equipment. Check all your heating equipment ahead of our Bend Oregon winter and schedule a maintenance appointment with Bend Heating. Get more information about heat pumps, or check out our service page for information on scheduling HVAC system maintenance. We are here to keep you comfortable!