Tips for Your Heat Pump in This Frigid Winter Weather

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This past winter has been one we haven’t seen in over 20 years.   With the sub-freezing temperatures that went on for weeks here, there have been some potential issues that homeowners need to deal with regarding their heat pumps.

The main issue is ice building up on their outside units.  Ice, caused by condensation, builds up on the coils of the heat pumps during the heating mode. It then melts off during the defrost cycle. When it is melted, the water runs down the coils into the base pan of the heat pump.  It then drains out of the base pan onto the concrete below or whatever the heat pump is placed on. The problem is that when there are sub-freezing temperatures for long periods of time ice will form at the bottom of the unit and work its way up. The defrost cycle will not defrost the ice off the side of the unit.

In these situations, we recommend a couple of things. One is to put snowmelt around the base of the heat pump. Not IN the heat pump, just around the bottom. Another is to take hot water and pour it on the ice to try to melt it down and then chip it away and remove it. You can also take a heater of some type and melt off the ice so that you can chip it away. You never want to chip the ice on the heat pump, only underneath it.

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