Finding the right heating contractors is never easy. Even when needing a simple part for your heater or AC system, it is overwhelming to choose the right one. Especially if the company you hired didn’t know how to fix the problem! Finding an HVAC service you can trust can be tricky. So here are a few things to make the decision easier: look for satisfaction guarantees, free estimates on HVAC installations, and highly skilled and credentialed technicians.

Satisfaction and Quality Guarantees: Why They Matter For HVAC Companies

Have you ever spent a lot of money on a product or a service, excited that you were getting the best, only to get less than what was promised? This is a frustrating experience, especially when you spend the extra money for a higher service tier. And heating and cooling units are definitely a big investment. 

When searching for the best heating contractors in your area, look for installers or repair services with manufacturer-backed satisfaction guarantees. This ensures a couple of things. First, you get what you paid for (and if not, your money back). Second, quality HVAC equipment is protected under warranty, so you have peace of mind that your heating contractor will repair your system at no cost if under warranty. 

Look For Heating Contractors Who Provide Free Estimates on New HVAC Installations

If you want to upgrade your HVAC unit, it is standard for heating contractors to offer a free estimate on how much a new system will cost. Yes, that’s right, free with no fine print. And if they don’t, it’s a sign that something is off. 

An experienced estimator walks you through your space and presents pricing options, unit sizes, and energy efficiency decisions for consideration. They might even make recommendations that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And again, this is all for free!

Beyond The Basics, Look For A Company Whose Repair Technicians Have These 3 Credentials

Specific trade-based credentials like NATE certification or EPA certification are certifications reputable heating contractors show. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act passed a law requiring technicians who handle equipment dealing with refrigerants to undergo specific testing and certification. Refrigerant is a toxic substance to the environment and humans, requiring special care to handle it. So if your contractor is EPA certified, what else should you look for?

Additionally, you’ll want to see an affiliation with reputable manufacturers like being a Factory Authorized Dealer of brands like Carrier. If you are working with an HVAC installer or heating contractor, ask if they are a factory authorized dealer and which warranties come with new product installations. 

Get The Best Possible Heating Contractor With Certified Technicians, Expert Installers, and Quality Assurance

At Bend Heating and Sheet Metal, we believe in delivering beyond what you paid for. That means excellent service and satisfaction guarantees with our Carrier products. 

Therefore, as a Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier, we stand behind what we sell. We are committed to offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all new installations of Carrier equipment. If the product is not meeting your standards, you will get your money back. 

Rest assured, all of our technicians installing your system are factory trained and EPA-certified at Bend Heating. All of our parts are backed by the highest standards in the industry with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So hire a heating contractor you can trust in Bend, Oregon. Talk to us about your repair service or installation needs!