Air Conditioning Service Or Installation Before Summer

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Air Conditioning Service Before Summer

If you ask any HVAC industry expert on how to prevent your air conditioning system from breaking or having a longer life expectancy, all experts will tell you to have a regular scheduled air conditioning service. HVAC contractors have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly and effectively. This is the primary reason for hiring an HVAC contractor or repair technician for a scheduled routine maintenance.

The Need for AC Repair or Service Before Summer

The temperature inside your home can be unbearable if your air conditioning system is not operating efficiently and properly. Therefore, we stress the importance of planning ahead. No HVAC industry expert can predict what has happened to your air conditioning system. If you happen to wait, we can’t predict the wait time for any HVAC companies. You can find more benefits on why air conditioning is important.

Air Conditioning System Needed

If you’re a resident in Central Oregon and are in need of a new air conditioning system, you may just be in luck. Bend Heating & Sheet Metal has been around for over 50+ years and is known to be one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Central Oregon.

Two things you should know:

1) If you already have an existing air conditioning system you most likely only need a service rather than having to look for a new system.

2) If you don’t currently have air conditioning installed in your home, we recommend ordering now. The summers have gradually gotten hotter and planning ahead is extremely important even when it comes to humidifiers in Central Oregon.

Air Conditioning Summer Trends

There has been a summer trend for the last five years in which we’re trying to prevent from happening again. Everyone happens to call on the first hot day in summer. This is not only for Bend Heating & Sheet Metal, but for all HVAC companies in Central Oregon. HVAC partnerships across the west coast are warning to not wait to have your air conditioning system be serviced. The industry wait time average to have your air conditioning unit be serviced was nearly 6 weeks last summer. The average wait time before summer last year was 2 weeks. Don’t wait to find a creditable HVAC company in Central Oregon. So make sure to understand the benefits of air conditioning.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced

This is a very common question that several homeowners ask. Our recommendation is that your air conditioning system be serviced at least once a year and Bend Heating & Sheet Metal offers a free service maintenance of a newly installed air conditioning system. The reason is that your air conditioning system will have a smaller likelihood of breaking down, running inefficiently, or adding any dust and rust over the year. Also make sure to understand the importance of having an energy efficient system.

Air Conditioning Uncertainty In Central Oregon 

Ground movement is one reason for uncertainty when it comes to our air conditioning systems in Central Oregon. The ground moves in the winter and moves in the summer. It’s possible that a pinhole leak can be caused due to ground movement. If a leak does occurs, refrigerant could leak out slowly causing up to thousands of dollars for repair. In contrast, a maintenance and service check would have been a whole lot cheaper.

The second reason for uncertainty when it comes to our air conditioning units in Central Oregon is due the harsh conditions that have been evolving over the years. We had a record year this winter and it’s still unpredictable to what could have happened to our air conditioning systems. This presses the question: why wait to have your air conditioner serviced before the first heat wave hits.

Importance of Air Conditioning System Serviced 

At Bend Heating & Sheet Metal we always want you to protect your investment. When you buy a home you’re also buying the air conditioning system that goes with that home. As the air conditioning system depreciates due to lack of maintenance or an out-of-date system, your home also loses value. So the biggest takeaway of why you should have your air conditioning system be serviced or to possibly get a new improved system is to your protect your home investment.

Signs of Needing A New Air Conditioning System

Primarily, all air conditioning units are different and there’s never a definite answer. We always recommend scheduling a time for us to examine the air conditioning unit in person. If you do need to schedule a repair or maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you can by clicking here.