Carrier Heat Pump Review – Carrier Greenspeed

Advantages of the Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump with Inverter Technology

Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump with Inverter Technology

The Evolution Of Heat Pumps

As we all know, heating and cooling our dwellings have been a part of our mutual human experience for more than 100 years. We grew up with it as a natural part of our lives and have never thought twice about how it came about and what it truly is. Fortunately, we can clearly understand how heat pumps work and how the Carrier “Greenspeed” heat pump system revolutionized the already great technology and benefits of heat pumps. But to understand how heat pumps and Greenspeed heat pumps came about one must understand how air conditioning itself works first.

Air Conditioning Background

 Air conditioning was first invented and put into the market in the U.S in 1902 by Willis Carrier. Carrier’s main goal of the first air conditioning unit was to make us humans comfortable in the then, sweltering heat inside a movie house. Through a relatively simple process of condensing and compressing a medium known as ‘refrigerant’, heat molecules could be removed from the inside of the building and exhausted to the outside of the building. This allows for a fan to blow across a coil containing the refrigerant and thus, cold air blown and distributed inside.

The Invention Of Heat Pumps

 Just like how most great products come to market, heat pumps are no different. The following year – 1903, Charles Bryant created a ‘reversing’ valve that turned the air conditioning process in reverse. This allowed heat molecules from the outside air to be captured and using the same process of condensing and compressing the refrigerant in the same coil, allowing hot air to be circulated inside.

Primary Benefits of a Heat Pump

Simply put, heat pump technology costs less than straight electricity, in fact a lot less! HSPF is the acronym for ‘heating seasonal performance factor’ and that can vary quite a bit, just like MPG in vehicles can. The lowest allowed by federal today is 8.20 HSPF and the highest in the world (Carrier’s Greenspeed technology) can reach 13.00 HSPF. While the numbers are relatively small between the HSPF continuum, the electricity savings are not. At 13.00 HSPF, a heat pump is as much as 75% less expensive to operate than straight electricity of a furnace, a baseboard or wall Heater. At 8.20 HSPF, the reduction is much lower at around 30% less. Amp draw is the key and with a heat pump, the amp draw corresponds directly to the Kw cost which shows up on your utility bill in real dollars. Yet, whether the system is at the lowest or highest HSPF, or even somewhere in between, the bottom line is they cost less to operate than just electric only and have air conditioning built in them to boot!

The Invention of The Greenspeed Heat Pump

Imagine a heat pump that can cut your heating bill up to 75%. Well, that’s exactly what Carrier Corporation did nearly six years ago. Carrier introduced the most revolutionary new technology in heat pump systems in the entire world called the “Greenspeed Inverter Driven Heat Pump System”. The Greenspeed heat pump not only increases energy efficiency but also is environmentally friendly, has adaptive capabilities, operates quietly, protects you from outdoor elements and is manufactured as strong as a tank.

What Makes the Carrier Heat Pump Different

All heat pumps have what’s called a balance point which means that heat pumps can provide 100% of your heat needs by themselves down to about freezing. In other words, they can heat your home all by themselves and for a lot less money than electric resistance heat (strip heat) to about 32*F. If you live in a climate that gets colder than that, like Central Oregon does, even though a heat pump continues to work all the way down to zero degrees, at the balance point averaging at 32 degrees, the strip heat is activated as supplemental/ backup heat that is built into your furnace and it turns on to keep you warm and strip heat is much more expensive to run. So now you are getting some of the benefits when it’s super cold outside from your heat pump, but also paying for the really expensive electricity. One of the totally unique features of the Carrier Greenspeed heat pump system is that it uses “inverter technology”, allowing for that very same balance point to now drop to as low 15*F-17*F before activating the very expensive strip heat. Thus, it reduces the time strip heat is on and thereby decreases the amp draw more than any other heat pump system and that is money in your pocket by reducing your Kw cost.

Everybody Wins with a Carrier Greenspeed System

The result is it costs much less to heat and cool your home with a Greenspeed system. With energy costs and even availability becoming more scarce and expensive soon, coupled with ongoing monthly electric costs, we all get to make a pretty easy choice – keep paying the power company month after month – whatever they charge, let their costs (and yours) continue to rise or become energy-wise and take control of your utility bill and let the new lower electricity cost pay for your new heat pump system. The beauty of doing this is that once the system has paid for itself through energy savings, you now have created your own little piggy bank by putting those very same dollars that would have gone to the utility company in your pocket. You also get to have inexpensive air conditioning, a new reliable system with strong warranties and a more valuable home as well as helping our struggling planet at the same time. There is no loser in the equation… everybody wins! Also check out tips for your heat pump in cold weather climates!