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Don’t Do It Alone!

There is a time for a do-it-yourself project and a time to trust a true professional. Installing a new furnace or heat pump is one those times to trust a certified HVAC contractor. There is a reason that even industry pros get ongoing training and certification, that’s because a lot can go wrong without the proper knowledge.

HVAC Installation Bend Oregon

When you hire us to install a new furnace, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we have the following items under control and are prepared to handle any issue should it arise.

  • Sizing Issues: Most homeowners assume that their old furnace was the correct size for their home. However; contractors find that old furnaces and heat pumps are often over-sized and sometimes undersized for the heating needs of the home.
  • Gas Leaks: Attaching the new furnace to the gas line is easier said than done. Properly attaching the furnace to the gas line requires care to avoid a dangerous gas leak.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks: When a furnace is installed improperly, the potential for carbon monoxide leaks increases dramatically. This can happen when the furnace flue is not installed properly.
  • Leaky duct work – Typical homes experience up to 30% loss of heating due to leaky duct work. Our assessment of your home will identify and fix leaks, which may lead us to recommending a less expensive furnace or heat pump.
  • Furnace Won’t Work: If you don’t install the furnace correctly, it may not run. There could be many possibilities including: duct sizing, flue installation, control wiring, that will effect operation. A heating contractor will make sure it is running correctly by performing a proper start up and test procedure.

Turn to the experts at Bend Heating when replacing a furnace or ductless heat pump. We’ll always do a load calculation using Manual J Software for an accurate analysis of your home. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and in the long run will give you peace of mind. Get a free estimate today. 541-382-1231.

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